The Importance of Life Insurance

A Near-Miss In Boston

A week ago, many of us watched the tragedy unfold in Boston.  Even though I live and work in southern California, this event affected me more than it normally might have.  The reason is because two of my newest prospective clients were there.  One of them was a runner in the Marathon and crossed the finish line just 20 minutes before the first blast.  She was still within a block of the finish line and her husband was also nearby (plus her parents) when the first bomb went off.  They were quickly engulfed in the panic and they’ve told me it took quite a while for them to find each other afterward, but they all emerged from this uninjured.  But they easily could have been.

This has really hammered home for me how important is the work I do.  This family almost lost one or both of their breadwinners, which would have wreaked havoc on their families.  This is precisely why life insurance was invented.  I help families rebuild when tragedy hits and, if anything, this event really illustrates why it’s important NOT to wait to buy insurance.  My clients are 39 and 49 years old and in good health.  There is no reason at all to think they might die of natural causes anytime soon.  It’s the UNEXPECTED causes that we need to worry about.

In addition, the timing would have been even more disastrous for these clients because their applications for life insurance have not been approved and delivered yet, so they would not have been covered if either or both of them had died.  Can you imagine that?

I have spoken to several agents about this and they all have mentioned something important.  They all say that every life insurance agent undergoes a transformation on the same day – the day they deliver their first death check.  I’ve been in the business for awhile now but I haven’t done this yet.  I have already experienced the realization that most people hate talking about life insurance and the prospect of dying and this causes many people to avoid speaking with an insurance agent.  But this event just really shows how important it is to have this coverage.

One thing for sure, nobody is ever unhappy to see the life insurance agent bring a check to the funeral and nobody ever tells the agent at that time that “I wish I had bought LESS life insurance!”

If you don’t have appropriate coverage, please call your agent today.


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