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LIFE INSURANCE & ANNUITIES – Life insurance & Annuities are two of the most misunderstood financial tools of all.  Don’t assume you know everything we can do.  Life insurance is a tool for building an estate when you die.  But it can also build a tax-free retirement income that you cannot outlive, or build a college fund for your kids, or an emergency fund that can be accessed without penalties or income taxes.  If you own a business with partners that have agreed to buy out the heirs in case of death, life insurance can answer the question, “Where’s the money coming from?”  Life insurance can pay your estate taxes and pay the bill if you ever need long term care.  These are just some of the most common uses of life insurance.  Let us review your needs.  You will be pleasantly surprised to hear all the ways we can help you.

This article will probably teach you a lot about Life Insurance – The-Greatest-Financial-Tool

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